Our environment and natural resources are becoming increasingly susceptible to change due to the way we work and live. We are continually looking at ways to ensure we provide the most sustainable service possible. But what does a sustainable service entail?

For us, sustainability is at the heart of where we source products, how we distribute products and how we work together in the community to take care of the world we live in. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and increasingly become a GREEN business.

This objective isn’t an instant fix, but our mission to save the planet is ever growing. We believe by enforcing more and more sustainable ways to run our business, the positive environmental impacts will be endless.

Sustainable Sourcing

We want to produce a positive environmental impact from the very beginning of our process. In order to achieve this, we choose supply partners that have the same ethos as us, trading in an ethical and sustainable way.

Our business is a member of Integra Business Solutions Ltd, and global buying consortium, Business Products Group International (BPGI), allowing us to connect with highly accredited and environmentally aware suppliers. Sourcing is the initial stage of supplying our products to you and by having these connections in place, we can ensure our business is on the right path to sustainability.

As your supply partner, we can also provide everything you need for the office, from furniture, office and technology products right through to workwear, print, catering and facilities supplies. By consolidating the number of suppliers delivering to your business, you will also be more energy efficient.

Product Range

Through our comprehensive catalogue and webstore, we make it as easy as possible for you to make the right purchasing decision by highlighting our eco-friendly products. We can also carry out a free GREEN audit of your business to see where you could be more environmentally friendly and recommend greener alternatives to your most used office products.

Also, as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are investing in carbon capture projects with Forest Carbon, certified by the Woodland Carbon Code, for our own brand ‘Initiative’ Multipurpose Papers. We have already planted over 1,000 trees to create a new woodland area of over 6,500m2 in the UK, helping to capture any unavoidable remaining CO2 emissions created in the manufacturer and transportation of these papers. Through projects such as these, our Initiative brand will help to, not only protect the environment, but also make a valuable contribution to local communities across the UK. Initiative papers are also from 100% sustainable sources – click here to read our guide on Paper & the Environment

Our Operation

From ordering online through to delivering your products, we want to ensure we are doing the most we can to operate efficiently and sustainably in every aspect of the process.

We encourage our customers to order online and make use of evolving technology, to reduce unnecessary paperwork and waste. Not only is this more energy efficient, but for you as a customer, it is a quicker, money saving process.

Transportation lends itself to high carbon emissions. To lessen our impact, we very carefully plan our delivery routes to reduce our mileage and the number of vans out on the road. We also ensure our vehicles are well maintained to ensure we control and monitor our emissions.

Closing the Loop

Packaging waste is a key contributor to landfill. We always aim to reduce, reuse and recycle our packaging. We select packaging appropriately according to size, minimising the amount of waste produced as well as re-using any packaging where possible.

We also want to help you, our customers, improve your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. To do this, we can offer recycling services for empty toners, inkjets and mobile phones as well as a confidential shredding service.

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